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Behind every innovative solution and successful strategy, there is a dedicated team of professionals. Our experts combine deep market knowledge with top-notch analytical, structuring, and results-oriented capabilities. Teamwork, proactivity, and a commitment to exceeding expectations are in our DNA. We are proud of our team and what we can achieve together!

The Heart of Nalba: Our Team

Nalba is distinguished by its team, a group of passionate professionals and experts in the financial sector. United by the vision to innovate and lead responsibly, each member brings their unique experience to deliver exceptional solutions. With a firm commitment to excellence and sustainability, our team is the essence that drives Nalba into the future. The Nalba team is made up of exceptional people both professionally and personally, and that makes the difference. Being specialists allows us to speak the same language as our clients and provide value from the first moment. At Nalba we care about having the rigor and methodologies of large consulting firms, but with the advantages of flexibility and agility that our structure offers us.

We are a large team of consultants led by professionals with +20 years of experience in both business consulting in the financial sector and sustainability.

Our senior team has extensive experience in advising financial institutions and other entities in the financial sector both in Spain and Europe. His vision and quality standards acquired in top-level consultancies and boutiques have been transferred to Nalba’s culture, being the foundation on which the rest of the team grows.

Our values and
market positioning


We consider that it is the essential basis of any professional relationship, which is why we make it one of our fundamental pillars.


We focus on being a committed agent, generating a positive impact with our clients, with society and with the environment.


We are a dynamic team led by professionals with extensive experience in the sector


Our commitment is to help our clients in their objectives, guaranteeing quality in results and rigor in deadlines.


Ejecutamos los proyectos con niveles de rigor y atención por el detalle a la altura de las mejores prácticas del mercado


Our high level of specialization allows us to add value from the first day of the project and build a well-founded recommendation

Nalba’s contribution to the SDGs of the 2030 agenda


Nalba promotes the health and well-being of its employees by offering private health insurance within the company’s social benefits, an annual medical examination and help for the gym by paying 75% of the monthly membership fee (3).


On the other hand, Nalba is committed to continuous, quality education and provides an average of 7 general annual training courses for all employees and 2 specialized training courses for senior managers. In addition, it contributes to the specific training of each employee whenever necessary, offering external courses on specific issues (e.g. Python) (4). Finally, Nalba contributes to the reduction of inequalities, collaborating in solidarity campaigns for people with fewer resources (10).


The carbon footprint of employees has been reduced by the adoption of a flexible teleworking schedule (13). In addition, it contributes to the reduction of plastic by providing reusable steel bottles to each employee and promotes recycling in the office with specific bins for paper, plastic, glass and organic (12).


Nalba is a company in constant growth, reflected in the new hires made each year: 28% of current employees have been hired in the last year, of which 45% have been recent graduates (8). In addition, there has been an increase in salary and promotions for more than 50% of the workforce, with an average increase of 14% (8). On the other hand, it contributes to the development of corporate sustainability plans among clients, offering professional services focused on helping companies enhance their sustainable transformation (11).

Alliances and recognitions


EPCA is the network of independent consultancies in the paid sector to which Nalba is a member, and through which we obtain scale and local knowledge throughout Europe


Nalba is a protective partner of Dirse, with which it collaborates to promote, defend and recognize corporate sustainability.


Chambers has recognized us over the last 4 years as a top consultancy in the Spanish FinTech market, highlighting our performance in payment business strategy

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